OOrganik-15 Clinical Applications
High Fructose Corn Syrup
When Addressing The Thyroid, Check The Adrenals
Simple Headache Treatments With Dramatic Results
For Patients Sensitive To Chemicals... Think Molybdenum
Two “Stop Snoring” Therapies
NitroGreens... A Great Way To Go “Green”
A Simple In-Office CO2 Test
UT Complex™ - Urinary Tract Support
Progressive Brain Atrophy
The Value Of Insulin & Blood Sugar Regulation
Flu Shot Alternatives
New Cholesterol Approach: Size DOES Matter
Test Every Patient For Vitamin D
Two New Pain & Inflammation Tools
The Dangers Of Discount Store Supplements
Anti-Anxiety Peptide Discovered In Milk
Patient Dry Skin Exam
Simple Ways To Improve Patient Compliance
Try This... When Basic Gut Fixes Don’t Work
Sinusitis... Try This Strategy
Pre- & Post-Operative Nutrient Considerations
Butyric Acid Delivers Powerful Bowel Benefits
Evaluate Small Intestine Health In Seconds
Elevated Triglycerides
Stopping Joint Pain
PH Too Acidic... Try Bone Soup
Use This With Every Chronic Health Challenge
A New Vitamin K Product Bio-K Forte for Biotics
When Trusted Protocols Don’t Work
Chiropractic For Hypertension... It Works
Deceptive Drug Numbers... Understanding Relative Risk
Activating “Health” Genes For A Longer, Healthier Life
Menopause Symptom Relief Without Hormones
Radiation: A Wellness Perspective
Female Infertility: A Wellness Approach
Autoimmune Disease On The Rise
A Wellness Approach To Periodontal Disease
Boosting Brain Power
Prostate Cancer: Early Detection & Support
Autoimmune Updates:  Two Eye Opening Pearls
Chiropractic Identity & Pull-Through Marketing
Nutrient Deficiencies & Lower Back Pain Relief
New GABA Product Support For Anxiety, Panic, Overwhelmed
What Your Female Patients Should Know About Osteoporosis
Magnesium: A Crash Course
Acid Blockers: What Patients Need To Know
Another Way To Look At Thyroid Malfunctions
From Fatigued... To Fantastic
Therapeutic Thyroid Evaluation
Nutrients Depleted By Drugs
Monitoring pH For Optimal Health
Increasing Cellular Oxygen
Improve Elderly Strength & Physical Performance
Simple Headache Treatments With Dramatic Results
Unique Weight Loss Strategy
Monitoring Inflammation Key To Living Well
Enhance Immunity Before Cold & Flu Season
Up Vitamin D Levels By 56.7%
Five-Point Strategy For PMS
Ask Your Patients To Take The Zinc Taste Test
ED... Marker For Vascular Aging
Therapeutic Values of Vitamin A
Holiday Remorse... 3-Step Detox
Strategy For Preventing Cognitive Decline
Asthma... Triggers & Treatment
Cancer & pH
Simple In-Office pH Test
Incredible Exercise Study
Consider This For Edema or Glaucoma
Try This For Breakfast... It’s Alive!
Your Body’s Many Cries For Water
Vitamin B6 Deficiency
Consider B12 Deficiency When Treating Elderly Clients
Immune Palpation Technique
Helping Patients With Anxiety
What’s The Best Form of CoQ10? Ubiquinone Or Ubiquinol
Tregs Dampen Immune Response
Tough Case? Think Liver
Boosting Sexual Health, Naturally For Him... And For Her
Free Antioxidants: Earthing
Lowering Blood Sugar
Managing NSAID Related Side Effects
Practical Summer Therapies
Mitrochondrial Dysfunction
Easy In-Office Test For Pain
Reduce Recovery Time By 50%
To Reduce Joint Pain... Restore Gut Health
Clinical Pearls For Glaucoma & Fluid Buildup
Enhancing Kidney Function
Use The Clorox Sniff Test To Check Antioxidant Status
Putting Wellness Into Practice
Stearic Acid... Is It Safe?
Radically Improve Sleep
The Vitamin C Flush
Don’t Wait… Diabetic Screening
IBS Clinical Success Story
Are you ready for Roundup
Vitamin B6 Deficiency
A Simple In-Office Test To Identify Folate Deficiency
Osteoporosis:  What Your Female Patients Should Know

Immune Boosting: Flu Shot Alternative

Precautionary Measures When Traveling Abroad
Arsenic In Rice:  What To Do
Holiday Remorse… 3-Step Detox
Time To Set New Goals
Patient Dry Skin Exam
Systemic Inflammation & Dietary AGEs
Identify Specific Patient Inflammation Triggers
In-Office Tissue Mineral Test
Nutrient Deficiencies & Lower Back Pain Relief
Depression: An Inflammatory Condition
Up Vitamin D Levels By 56.7%
Saccharomyces Boulardii A Probiotic Yeast
Magnesium: A Crash Course
Diabetes + Obesity = Diabesity
Calcium Abnormalities
Berberine HCl: New Weapon For Obesity & Diabetes
GABA Support For Anxiety, Panic, Overwhelmed
Healthy Allergy Relief
“Mini Detox” Gets Better Patient Compliance
Protein Shakes   
Vitamin D Link In Chronic Pain, Inflammation & Disease
EFA Spa Treatment… At Home
Lithium Therapy Benefits
Blood Pressure Support
BioDoph-7 Plus
Clinical Pearls… That WORK
Combination Fatty Acids Benefits
What Your Female Patients Should Know About Osteopososis
Heavy Metal Screening
Living Tissue Samples
Another Way To Look At Thyroid Malfunctions     
Neuro-Degenerative Disease    
Vitamin B12 Deficiency   
Healthy Pain Reduction   
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Treatment  
Better Results With Chronic Fatigue 
Nutrients Depleted By Drugs 
Protecting & Repairing The Blood Brain Barrier
Anti-Aging Your Brain
Monitoring pH For Optimal Health
Serotonin Deficiency & Neurotransmitter Health
Depression or Anxiety?
B6:  A Forgotten B Vitamin  
Dementia, A Growing Problem  
Choosing Quality Glandulars  
Creating a Wellness Practice  
Don’t Overlook Dehydration 
Reset Your Biological Clock 
Iodine Can Make A Difference
Thyroid Clinical Pearls
Introducing Patients To Wellness Care
Are Patients Sabotaging Their Treatment Program?
Living In A Spirit of Gratitude
Reverse Brain Aging, Is It Possible?
From Fatigued… To Fantastic
Silver Bullet Treatment Options
Virus Protection & Therapeutic Agents 
Leaky Gut Therapeutic Interventions & Testing
The Depressing News About Antidepressants
Brain Health Strategies
Gut Function & Immune System Link
High Dose Fish Oils
New Hypertension Treatment Strategy
Acetaldehyde Exposure  
Radiation Exposure  
Coca Pulse Test Identifies Food/Nutrient Sensitivities 
Vitamin B Deficiency 
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 
Glycemic Regulation Nutritional Therapy
Murphy’s Sign Test
Suffer From GERD?
Patient Consultations
Hypertension Management
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Breast Tenderness
Parent Oils
Biotics’ Tableting Base: Loaded With Antioxidants
Fabulous NitroGreens 
Nutrient Deficiencies & Lower Back Pain Relief
Lab Testing Importance In Disease Prevention
Natural Ways To Raise Testosterone
Asthma Dysbiosis
In-Office Antioxidant Sniff Test
Combating H. pylori
Ebola, how some survive
Insufficient 5-MTHF
OOrganik-15 Applications
Finding & Eliminating Hidden Infections
Leaky Gut Food Allergen Diet
Immune & Inflammatory Systems Support
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Thyroid Blood Chemistry
HCL-Ease: Esophageal Support
Cultivating The Right Bacteria 
When Addressing The Thyroid Check The Adrenals
New Uses For Carnitines
Putting Out The Gluten “Fire”
4 Digestion Clinical Pearls
Dramatic Results: Headache Treatments
Hypertension: A Vascular Disease Marker
Power Of Plant-Based Diets
Treating Brain Injury & Other Neurological Issues
For Chemical Sensitivity, Think Molybdenum
Got 12 Minutes?
NitroGreens… A Great Way To Go “Green”
Medium-Chain Triglycerides
Viral infections Trigger Autoimmune Conditions
Infertility Roadblocks & Clinical Pearls
Supplement Industry “Shocker”
UT Complex™: Urinary Tract Support
Inositol Health Benefits Everyone Can Enjoy
A Simple In-Office CO2 Test
Pre-Harvest Use Of Glyphosate
Progressive Brain Atrophy
Anti-Aging Cocktail
Why We Need Phosphorus
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Blood Sugar Regulation
Leaky Bladder Strategy
Joe’s Seed Soak
Lymes Disease
Healthy Allergy Relief
Lymes Disease Phase Two
The Art Of Asking Questions
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Anti-Anxiety Peptide Discovered In Milk
Uterine Fibroids
New Tool For Migraine Headaches
Simple Lithium Test For Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
Simple Ways To Improve Patient Compliance
Reduce Kidney Stones
Vitamin D Under Fire
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Reversing Cognitive Decline
Sinusitis… Try ThisStrategy
mTOR: The Master Conductor
Pre- & Post-Operative Nutrient Considerations
Osteoarthritis Clinial Pearls Is IGF-1 The Missing Key? 
Kids (& Seniors) Compliance “Tricks”   
Evaluate Small Intestine Health In Seconds 
Gut Healing Pearls   
New Perspective On Skin Issues 
Butyric Acid Delivers Powerful Bowel Benefits
Immune Support For Kids 
Putting Out The Gluten “Fire” 
Improve Elderly Strength & Physical Performance
Holy Grail Of Aging Gracefully? 
The Power Of Microbiome
Shocking Facts... About So-Called Good Food
Born vs. Expiration Dates
Green Tea & EGCG
PCOS… A Wellness Approach
Nutrient Drug Interactions

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