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Product #7015

MygranX™ Each bottle contains 60 Tablets and the recommendation is 2 capsule each day or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

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Product #1707

Mg-Zyme™ is a source of supplemental magnesium, supplied as mixed mineral chelates. Adequate magnesium intake is of utmost importance, as it is critical to most ATP-dependent reactions. Magnesium is important for musculoskeletal health, for proper cardiac and immune function, and for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels. Dietary intakes below recommended levels are common.

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Biomega-3 Liquid

6.8 oz

Product #1401

Biomega-3™ Liquid is an all natural marine lipid concentrate derived from anchovies and sardines sourced following the strict standards of the European Union (EU). This concentrated supplement supplies 1400mg Omega-3 fatty acids per dose, which includes 740mg EPA and 460mg of DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial compounds for the brain, the cardiovascular system, dermal functioning, as well as the down-regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators. The Biomega-3™ Liquid was initially implemented into the product line as a component of the Control-IT™ Weight Management Program, due to the high dose of Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for weight management. Due to the popularity of this supplement, mainly because of its pleasant lemon flavor, high potency, and ease of use, Biomega-3™ Liquid is now available for individual purchase.
**For optimal shelf life, refrigerate product after opening.

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